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Balloons over Disneyland!


Balloons over Disneyland!

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things i don’t own enough of
• lingerie
• candles
• make up
• other useless things that will get me nowhere in life but I want them

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In 20 years I won’t remember today; that scares me.
— “10 Word Poem" series - #31 (via s4ns-titre)

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If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.
— ~Marvin Gaye (via mr-another)

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virgo, actively seek balance.

libra, trust these are the right decisions.

scorpio, separate fact from feeling.

sagittarius, remind yourself how you got this far.

capricorn, it is a time of luck.

aquarius, unpack your current fear.

pisces, take on this challenge.

aries, you will find a place to belong.

taurus, let it happen.

gemini, toast to self-acceptance.

cancer, embrace the love around you.

leo, you are safe here.
— SEPTEMBER HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird  (via middecember)

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You can’t spend the rest of your life being afraid of people rejecting you, and you have to start by not rejecting yourself, you don’t deserve it. From now on, people can either accept you for who you are or they can fuck off.
— Kester, My Mad Fat Diary (via ktlntaylr)

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